Integrative Oncology

During the classical treatment of cancer, to support a person in his environment, strengthen his spirit and empower him to lead a fulfilling life in a given situation.

I believe that a person is more than just a physical body.​

A person in distress – which is mostly the case with a diagnosis of a malignant disease – often needs enough time and a competent listener to be able to express their hardships, embarrassments, fears, which are connected both with the treatment and with the changes that the disease brings to the human world.

What can I do for you?

I offer you my knowledge, experience and time.

Psychological-spiritual Support

A person is more than just a physical body. They are also a spiritual and energetic being.

Palliative Support 

Alleviating the challenges brought about by an incurable illness for the patient and their loved ones.

Medical Hypnosis

The therapist’s address to the subconscious, which surrenders to suggestions without anxiety, fear, or conscious thought.

Black cohosh, or grape-like black cohosh (in slovene: Svetlika – translated as little light), is a healing plant originating from Canada and North America.


The name ‘svetlika’ carries another meaning, my meaning. In the sound of the word, a light sparkles. Like a spark of hope when it’s dark around.

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