Psychological-spiritual support

A person is more than just a physical body.

They are also a spiritual and energetic being.

Medicine is a wonderful science that is rapidly advancing and can sometimes work miracles. However, it is primarily focused on the treatment of the physical body. Deviations from the ‘norm’ in medical reports, which are the reason why a patient seeks help, are usually aimed at correction and normalization. But a person is much more than just a body. They are a holistic being – spiritual, energetic, and of course, physical. With their values, views on life, spiritual orientations, potentials, interests, and everything they carry within them, they create their own life.

Confronting a disease like cancer awakens fear in a person. Fear of the unknown, uncertainty about the future, doubts about medical procedures, searching for alternative treatment methods. Fear of changes in the body, in the altered sense of self, in functioning within the community. All of this represents a significant and rough intrusion into the individual’s previous life and that of their loved ones. Many questions and few answers. Questions about the diagnosis itself, a desire for clarification of reports and their explanation.

“I believe that only an empowered person can truly face the disease and treatment.”

Supportive Conversation

All of this is the subject of a supportive conversation. I believe that the foundation for a successful relationship is trust between two individuals. Trust can only be built in a sincere, accepting, and safe environment. Here, there is space and time for all questions, concerns, doubts, and fears, as well as for one’s own perspective on the disease, life, and death.

In building trust, new areas and questions can be addressed, which often remain unspoken in medical treatment. Social distress, housing issues, existential distress, doubts about communicating about the illness with children and teenagers – what, how, and whether to talk about it at all?

This is how we will meet at Svetlika. Human to human. Together, we will review medical documentation, discuss the illness and treatment in a simple and understandable manner. We will take enough time for all of this. Your loved ones are, of course, also invited to the consultation, as understanding your closest social environment contributes the most to support and empowerment in the new situation.


First Conversation

- 75 min -

130 eur

Ongoing Support

- 45 min -

90 eur

Zoom (video) Consultation

- 40 min -

80 eur

Because I want to offer support to anyone who truly needs it, regardless of their financial situation, we can agree on a fee that is in line with the user’s financial circumstances after the service has been provided.