My name is Jana.

I believe a person is more than just a physical body.

Within the framework of my work at the Oncology Institute, I often did not have the time to devote to the individual as a holistic being due to time constraints. A person in distress – which a diagnosis of malignant disease often represents – frequently needs enough time and a competent listener to express their concerns, difficulties, and fears, which are connected both to treatment and the changes that the illness brings to a person’s world. Now, I can allocate this time to individuals as part of my activity. The idea for this initiative arose precisely from the mentioned time constraints, which are constantly present in the treatment process within the public healthcare system.

In 2004, I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana. After completing my internship and passing the professional exam, I successfully completed a specialization in medical oncology with honors. As a specialist, I worked in the field of lymphoma treatment and in the department of acute palliative care, where I was involved in the development of the Butterfly project ( I participated in numerous education sessions on palliative care, the treatment of various malignancies, and supportive therapy. I continuously kept up with guidelines and innovations in lymphoma treatment. I further trained in nonviolent communication using Marshall Rosenberg’s method. I am also educating myself in the field of reflexology. In May 2022, I obtained the title of a medical hypnosis therapist. I am interested in karmic diagnostics, so I attend Marjan Ogorevc’s workshops every year.

I have also found my calling in the role of a mother to three almost grown-up children. I find my peace in nature, inspiration in music, and challenge in learning both foreign languages and instruments.



Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana


Successfully passed the professional exam


Butterfly Project


passed the ESMO exam (ESMO – European Society for Medical Oncology)


Successfully passed the specialized exam in Medical oncology with honors


Professional training in palliative care at Marymount University Hospital & Hospice in Cork, Ireland


Nonviolent communication according to Marshall Rosenberg’s method




Therapist in medical hypnosis