Kristina M - about hypnosis

My initial visit was primarily driven by curiosity and the need to find some relaxation. Generally, I tend to approach such forms of support with skepticism and caution, but on this occasion, I decided to make an exception and give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised by how remarkably beneficial it turned out to be. An outstanding aspect of this experience is that Dr. Jana Pahole brings a wealth of medical expertise to the table. Beyond offering relaxation support, she provides me with valuable explanations and guidance on addressing potential health issues and enhancing my own well-being through a healthier lifestyle. Essentially, I gain three valuable aspects from my sessions with Jana Pahole: the ability to soothe and relax my body, along with invaluable consultations on how to maintain good health and a high quality of life.

Žan L – about the consultation

Following my surgery and chemotherapy, I decided to seek a second opinion. I got to know about Dr. Pahole through a relative and promptly arranged a consultation. What stood out the most for me was that she devoted the time to listen to my entire journey. During our conversations, we delved into not only my medical history but also my interests and spiritual concerns. I essentially felt that she took a genuine interest in me as a person rather than just another patient. Furthermore, she patiently explained the professional jargon found in my medical report, providing me with added reassurance. Another significant benefit is the ease of access to her expertise. I can reach out to her anytime I need a medical opinion or clarification, without the need to wait in line or make numerous phone calls.

Nives K T – about the consultation

We often find ourselves unable to overcome certain challenges on our life’s journey independently. However, we can always seek assistance from the experience and knowledge of fellow human beings.

When I received the diagnosis of follicular lymphoma (cancer) in 2021, it left me deeply shaken. I had no choice but to place my trust and belief in the oncologists, relying on their commitment to my well-being.

I continue to hold the belief that they have done everything in their power to help me, and I have faith that they will continue to do so in the future, whenever and wherever it proves necessary and possible. Additionally, at OI, they offer nutritional counseling and psychological support, for which I am immensely grateful to everyone involved.

Despite the tireless efforts of the experts at OI, I still had numerous questions concerning the disease itself, its progression, a more precise interpretation of test results, and the uncertain prognosis of my condition. Recognizing that oncologists have demanding schedules, it is unrealistic to expect them to be available for every concern that plagues us, the patients.

The internet may offer a wealth of information, but for non-professionals like us, it often raises more questions than it answers. The time between visits to the oncologist can be quite extensive, leaving us alone with our inquiries. In such moments, only a doctor can truly provide the answers we need. Even when a diagnosis, or only a partial one, arrives via mail, there is no one to turn to immediately. For me, personally, receiving a stage 4a follicular lymphoma diagnosis was emotionally overwhelming. Dealing with uncertainty is mentally taxing, as it leads to existential distress, exacerbates fear, paralyzes a person, and inhibits their ability to engage in other aspects of life. At least, that’s how it felt to me. Only later did I discover that stage 4a in follicular lymphoma differs from the fourth stage in other cancers. If only someone could have explained the significance of stage 4a to me right away!

To alleviate all of the above challenges, I believe it is of utmost importance to have someone who can effectively come to your aid with their professional knowledge and years of experience.

My personal experience with Dr. Jana Pahole is as follows:

Dr. Jana Pahole is a warm and empathetic individual. She establishes a professional yet welcoming connection, providing a safe interpersonal space and a relaxed atmosphere. During our conversations, she listens to the unspoken words, the “between the lines,” and poses essential questions that help me gain deeper self-understanding with each response. When I present her with a question, no matter how sensitive, she responds realistically and truthfully. Furthermore, she integrates other aspects and values of life into our discussions—elements that can effectively aid in coping with the experience of cancer.

All of this assistance proves invaluable on the path that, in my opinion, anyone facing cancer inevitably walks. I refer to this journey as “the path from fear to inner peace,” or at least partial peace. It enables us, despite our health challenges, to lead a fulfilling life brimming with purpose and hope.

Let us not overlook the healing power of words. In addition to medical and alternative treatments, words have their own capacity to heal. However, it is not just anyone’s words but specifically Dr. Pahole’s words that I believe have had a profound healing effect on me and can likewise impact others.